The TCU Horned Frog yearbook was first published in 1895 and has been published annually since 1905 with a few exceptions. No yearbook was published in 1910, the year of the Waco fire. In 1974, the Horned Frog folded due to lack of student support and funding. Image magazine was created in the 1973-1974 school year as a magazine to replace the yearbook and continues as a magazine today. The yearbook came back briefly in 1978 and 1979. From 1983 through 1985 TCU published The Feature, a magazine-like volume that covered the major events and organizations of the university, but did not include individual pictures of students. The Horned Frog resumed regular publication in 1986. A complete collection of TCU yearbooks from 1895 through 2015 can be viewed in our reading room.

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