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dc.descriptionNorth and South America in a rectangle with lakes and northern territory undefined. Coasts well documented. The Arctic Circle is called America Mexicana in a cartouche at lower left. The borders depict natives, explorers, and various cities and harbor scenes. Numerous ships and sea creatures in the oceans.
dc.format.extent44 x 56.4 cm
dc.subject.otherWestern Hemisphere
dc.titleAmericae, nova descriptio, per Nicolaum Visscher. Anno 1633.
dc.format.resolution600 dpi x 600 dpi
dc.contributor.engraverGoos, Abraham
dc.contributor.cartographerKeere, Pieter van den, 1571-approximately 1646
dc.contributor.cartographerVisscher, Nicolaes, 1618-1679

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  • George T. Abell Map Collection [101]
    Cartographic collection which includes maps of the world, the British Isles, Pacific Ocean, North and South America, the Western Hemisphere, and the United States. Dates range from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries.

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