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dc.descriptionBorders of areas color coded according to national control. Spain appears to have charge over a large part of the Americas. Two proposed rivers from the Pacific on the west coast. Great Lakes accurate, but west and northwest of them is uncharted territory. Map stained from mounting.
dc.format.extent48.8 x 53 cm, framed
dc.publisherLaurie & Whittle
dc.subject.otherWestern Hemisphere
dc.titleAmerica divided into north and south with their several subdivisions and the newest discoveries . . . 12th May 1794.
dc.format.resolution600 dpi x 600 dpi

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  • George T. Abell Map Collection [101]
    Cartographic collection which includes maps of the world, the British Isles, Pacific Ocean, North and South America, the Western Hemisphere, and the United States. Dates range from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries.

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