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dc.contributor.advisorLysiak, Richard J.
dc.contributor.authorWang, Vincent C.en_US
dc.description.abstractThis dissertation investigates mechanisms associated with very low and high power optical phase conjugation. The first part is a study of low power wave-front reconstructions produced by the surface reshaping through spatially nonuniform thermal expansion of an absorbing epoxy resin with a pump power in milliwatt range. A simple thermodynamic model is used to compare with the experimental data. The feasibilities and the limitations of this process in general real-time holographic applications are discussed. The second part is a study of high power OPC with a speckled pump beam in megawatt range. The experimental results show that self-focusing occurs at the onset of stimulated backscattering for focused speckled pump beams in CS$\sb2$. This implies a cooperative self-focusing effect within the speckled field. At regions beyond saturation, the compressibility of a liquid is limiting effect rather than beam depletion. A theoretical model which incorporates the nonlinear compressibility of a liquid at saturation region is developed. This theoretical model is in good agreement with the experimental data. Whereas Zel'dovich's theoretical model, which only includes the effect of pump depletion, predicts a result which is in an order of magnitude higher than the experimental measurements at regions beyond saturation.
dc.format.extentx, 106 leaves : illustrationsen_US
dc.format.mediumFormat: Printen_US
dc.relation.ispartofTexas Christian University dissertationen_US
dc.subject.lcshOptical phase conjugationen_US
dc.titleStudies of low power and high power optical phase conjugationen_US
dc.typeTexten_US of Physics
local.collegeCollege of Science and Engineering
local.departmentPhysics and Astronomy
local.academicunitDepartment of Physics
local.subjectareaPhysics and Astronomy
dc.identifier.callnumberMain Stacks: AS38 .W3687 (Regular Loan)
dc.identifier.callnumberSpecial Collections: AS38 .W3687 (Non-Circulating) of Philosophy Christian University

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