Harold Maples was editorial cartoonist for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram for 27 years. From 1954 until his death in 1981, Maples drew more than 7,000 cartoons for the paper's editorial page. The collection consists entirely of original editorial cartoons by Harold Maples published in the Star-Telegram from 1954 through 1981. The drawings measure approximately 11x17? and are done in pencil on heavy paper. Maples gave brief titles and dated most of the drawings.

No subject was too mundane or too important for Maples. He addressed local, national, and international topics such as the beginning of a new school year, threats to world peace, impending drought, auto safety, the Cold War, LBJ?s Great Society, jobs prospects for new college graduates; government spending, relations with China, the Fort Worth Stock Show, the Vietnam War, race relations, U.S. diplomacy, the Space Race with the Soviet Union, presidential politics; gun control, the Mideast Peace Talks, voter apathy, Watergate, the Nixon impeachment hearings, the Iran Hostage Crisis, dependence on foreign oil, and the Texas weather, with equal humor, skill, and imagination.

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