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dc.contributor.advisorDansereau, Donald F.
dc.contributor.authorHythecker, Velma I.en_US
dc.description.abstractA previously developed strategy for studying technical materials (Hythecker, 1984) was modified to make implementation easier and more effective for users. The original strategy combined components shown to be effective in strategies for traditional academic text. For the modified strategy, the original components were put into a new format, the introduction to the strategy preceded the introduction to cooperative learning, and a motor enactment component was added. Ninety-eight persons formed four experimental study groups: a Motion Strategy group, a No Motion Strategy group, a Cooperative No Strategy group, and an Individual No Strategy group. To assess the effectiveness of the strategy, group performances, both written and demonstration, were compared for intravenous therapy and intramuscular injection procedures. For IV therapy, the Motion Strategy, No Motion Strategy, and Cooperative No Strategy groups studied in cooperating dyads. For intramuscular injection, all participants studied as individuals. Statistical analyses revealed that with the modified strategy, as with the original study, there were effects on the visual dependent measures from both sequential and cued recalls. In addition, the Motion Strategy group performed best on medium difficulty items from the sequential recalls and on the final third of the sequential recalls. Finally, there was no replication for procedural information of the positive effect of cooperative learning for more typical academic text materials.
dc.format.extentvi, 94 leaves, bounden_US
dc.format.mediumFormat: Printen_US
dc.relation.ispartofTexas Christian University dissertationen_US
dc.subject.lcshLearning, Psychology ofen_US
dc.titleA modified procedure learning strategy: development and evaluationen_US
dc.typeTexten_US of Psychology
local.collegeCollege of Science and Engineering
local.academicunitDepartment of Psychology
dc.identifier.callnumberMain Stacks: AS38 .H97 (Regular Loan)
dc.identifier.callnumberSpecial Collections: AS38 .H97 (Non-Circulating) of Philosophy Christian University

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