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    Dataset: VB-MAPP Level 1 

    Mason, Lee (10/20/2022)
    The Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program (VB-MAPP), Level 1 scores for 121 children with autism spectrum disorder.
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    Cardiotoxicity among socioeconomically marginalized breast cancer patients 

    Lu Y.; Gehr A.W.; Anikpo I.; Meadows R.J.; Craten K.J.; Narra K.; Lingam A.; Kamath S.; Tanna B.; Ghabach B.; Ojha R.P.
    Purpose: Evidence of cardiotoxicity risk related to anthracycline or trastuzumab exposure is largely derived from breast cancer cohorts that under-represent socioeconomically marginalized women, who may be at increased ...
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    Discriminant Validity And Reliability Of Scores Of Multiple Choice And Short Essay Questions 

    Jaleel A.; Khanum Z.; Siddiqui I.A.; Ali M.; Khalid S.; Khursheed R.
    Background And Objective: Assessment Of Learning Plays A Vital Role In Curriculum Allowing Faculty To Evaluate The Achievement Of Student And Educational Process. Quality Assurance Of The Assessments Is Done To Assess The ...
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    Multi-center matched cohort study of convalescent plasma for hospitalized patients with COVID-19 

    Zhou C.K.; Bennett M.M.; Villa C.H.; Hammonds K.P.; Lu Y.; Ettlinger J.; Priest E.L.; Gottlieb R.L.; Davis S.; Mays E.; Clarke T.C.; Shoaibi A.; Wong H.-L.; Anderson S.A.; Kelly R.J.
    Background Although frequently used in the early pandemic, data on the effectiveness of COVID-19 convalescent plasma (CCP) remain mixed. We investigated the effectiveness and safety of CCP in hospitalized COVID-19 patients ...
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    Timing of adjuvant chemotherapy initiation and mortality among colon cancer patients at a safety-net health system 

    Lu Y.; Gehr A.W.; Meadows R.J.; Ghabach B.; Neerukonda L.; Narra K.; Ojha R.P.
    Background: Prior studies reported survival benefits from early initiation of adjuvant chemotherapy for stage III colon cancer, but this evidence was derived from studies that may be sensitive to time-related biases. ...
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    Finding the story 

    Kaplan-Liss E.; Mitchell L.; Crossno C.; Lantz-Gefroh V.
    Story is the oldest known way of sharing knowledge and information and engages us in our collective humanity. In research settings, story brings meaning to complex ideas making them feel palpable and connects us with our ...
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    Novel Use of Hypoxia-Inducible Polymerizable Protein to Augment Chemotherapy for Pancreatic Cancer 

    Gdowski A.; Hayatshahi H.; Fudala R.; Joshi R.; Liu J.; Vishwanatha J.K.; Jeyarajah R.; Guzik P.; Ranjan A.P.
    Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) is one of the most aggressive malignancies and is the fourth leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States. Unfortunately, 80–85% of patients are diagnosed with ...
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    Whipple pancreatoduodenectomy: A technical illustration 

    Logarajah S.I.; Jackson T.; Darwish M.; Nagatomo K.; Cho E.; Osman H.; Jeyarajah D.R.
    Background: The Whipple procedure in its current form owes its evolution to the groundbreaking and innovative work of giants in the field of surgery. From being a multistep procedure with high morbidity and mortality, it ...
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    Transduodenal resection for duodenal adenomas may be an underutilized tool – A single institution experience 

    Logarajah S.; Cho E.E.; Deleeuw P.; Osman H.; Jeyarajah D.R.
    Background: Duodenal adenomas are pre-malignant lesions. Transduodenal resection and pancreaticoduodenectomy remain the only two surgical options. The optimal surgical management remains controversial between these two ...
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    Selective Exposure and Exemplification within Sports Highlights 

    Cummins R.G.; Hahn D.
    Selective exposure provides a useful lens for exploring how attention to competing information within exemplification theory (i.e., exemplars versus base-rate data) can impact viewing outcomes. Sports highlights reflect ...
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    Scale space detector for analyzing spatiotemporal ventricular contractility and nuclear morphogenesis in zebrafish 

    Teranikar T.; Villarreal C.; Salehin N.; Ijaseun T.; Lim J.; Dominguez C.; Nguyen V.; Cao H.; Chuong C.-J.; Lee J.
    In vivo quantitative assessment of structural and functional biomarkers is essential for characterizing the pathophysiology of congenital disorders. In this regard, fixed tissue analysis has offered revolutionary insights ...
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    Development of an empathy and clarity rating scale to measure the effect of medical improv on end-of-first-year OCSE performance: a pilot study 

    Terregino C.A.; Copeland H.L.; Sarfaty S.C.; Lantz-Gefroh V.; Hoffmann-Longtin K.
    Patients want empathetic physicians who listen and understand. How do you teach and measure empathy? Medical educators, including those inspired by Alan Alda, have turned to theater to teach skills in empathetic communication. ...
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    Coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic associated with anxiety and depression among Non-Hispanic whites with chronic conditions in the US 

    Wang H.; Paul J.; Ye I.; Blalock J.; Wiener R.C.; Ho A.F.; Alanis N.; Sambamoorthi U.
    Objectives: During the coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, increased anxiety and depression were reported, with mixed findings among individuals of different races/ethnicities. This study examines whether anxiety and ...
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    Outcomes of cardiac surgery with left atrial appendage occlusion versus no Occlusion, direct oral Anticoagulants, and vitamin K Antagonists: A systematic review with Meta-analysis 

    Nso N.; Nassar M.; Zirkiyeva M.; Lakhdar S.; Shaukat T.; Guzman L.; Alshamam M.; Foster A.; Bhangal R.; Badejoko S.; Lyonga Ngonge A.; Tabot-Tabot M.; Mbome Y.; Rizzo V.; Munira M.S.; Thambidorai S.
    Surgical left atrial appendage occlusion (LAAO) is being used increasingly in the setting of atrial fibrillation but has been associated with procedural complications. This systematic review and meta-analysis compared the ...
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    Immune Response in Allergic Contact Dermatitis: An Integrated Learning Module 

    Velasco V.Y.; Dudrey E.F.; Manglik N.; Piskurich J.F.; Baatar D.
    Introduction: Medical students are introduced to skin rashes during their preclinical years and often express difficulty in differentiating the underlying mechanisms. The preclinical lessons regarding immunologically ...
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    Itraconazole Exerts Its Antitumor Effect in Esophageal Cancer by Suppressing the HER2/AKT Signaling Pathway 

    Zhang W.; Bhagwath A.S.; Ramzan Z.; Williams T.A.; Subramaniyan I.; Edpuganti V.; Kallem R.R.; Dunbar K.B.; Ding P.; Gong K.; Geurkink S.A.; Beg M.S.; Kim J.; Zhang Q.; Habib A.A.; Choi S.-H.; Lapsiwala R.; Bhagwath G.; Dowell J.E.; Melton S.D.; Jie C.; Putnam W.C.; Pham T.H.; Wang D.H.
    Itraconazole, an FDA-approved antifungal, has antitumor activity against a variety of cancers. We sought to determine the effects of itraconazole on esophageal cancer and elucidate its mechanism of action. Itraconazole ...
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    The mechanistic basis linking cytokine storm to thrombosis in COVID-19 

    Wolf A.; Khimani F.; Yoon B.; Gerhart C.; Endsley D.; Ray A.K.; Yango A.F.; Flynn S.D.; Lip G.Y.H.; Gonzalez S.A.; Sathyamoorthy M.
    It is now well established that infection with SARS-CoV-2 resulting in COVID-19 disease includes a severely symptomatic subset of patients in whom an aggressive and/or dysregulated host immune response leads to cytokine ...
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    Transition to Renewable Energy for Communities: Energy Storage Requirements and Dissipation 

    Michaelides E.E.
    The transition of residential communities to renewable energy sources is one of the first steps for the decarbonization of the energy sector, the reduction of CO2 emissions, and the mitigation of global climate change. ...
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    New insights into the genetic etiology of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias 

    Bellenguez C.; Küçükali F.; Jansen I.E.; Kleineidam L.; Moreno-Grau S.; Amin N.; Naj A.C.; Campos-Martin R.; Grenier-Boley B.; Andrade V.; Holmans P.A.; Boland A.; Damotte V.; van der Lee S.J.; Costa M.R.; Kuulasmaa T.; Yang Q.; de Rojas I.; Bis J.C.; Yaqub A.; Prokic I.; Chapuis J.; Ahmad S.; Giedraitis V.; Aarsland D.; Garcia-Gonzalez P.; Abdelnour C.; Alarcón-Martín E.; Alcolea D.; Alegret M.; Alvarez I.; Álvarez V.; Armstrong N.J.; Tsolaki A.; Antúnez C.; Appollonio I.; Arcaro M.; Archetti S.; Pastor A.A.; Arosio B.; Athanasiu L.; Bailly H.; Banaj N.; Baquero M.; Barral S.; Beiser A.; Pastor A.B.; Below J.E.; Benchek P.; Benussi L.; Berr C.; Besse C.; Bessi V.; Binetti G.; Bizarro A.; Blesa R.; Boada M.; Boerwinkle E.; Borroni B.; Boschi S.; Bossù P.; Bråthen G.; Bressler J.; Bresner C.; Brodaty H.; Brookes K.J.; Brusco L.I.; Buiza-Rueda D.; Bûrger K.; Burholt V.; Bush W.S.; Calero M.; Cantwell L.B.; Chene G.; Chung J.; Cuccaro M.L.; Carracedo Á.; Cecchetti R.; Cervera-Carles L.; Charbonnier C.; Chen H.-H.; Chillotti C.; Ciccone S.; Claassen J.A.H.R.; Clark C.; Conti E.; Corma-Gómez A.; Costantini E.; Custodero C.; Daian D.; Dalmasso M.C.; Daniele A.; Dardiotis E.; Dartigues J.-F.; de Deyn P.P.; de Paiva Lopes K.; de Witte L.D.; Debette S.; Deckert J.; del Ser T.; Denning N.; DeStefano A.; Dichgans M.; Diehl-Schmid J.; Diez-Fairen M.; Rossi P.D.; Djurovic S.; Duron E.; Düzel E.; Dufouil C.; Eiriksdottir G.; Engelborghs S.; Escott-Price V.; Espinosa A.; Ewers M.; Faber K.M.; Fabrizio T.; Nielsen S.F.; Fardo D.W.; Farotti L.; Fenoglio C.; Fernández-Fuertes M.; Ferrari R.; Ferreira C.B.; Ferri E.; Fin B.; Fischer P.; Fladby T.; Fließbach K.; Fongang B.; Fornage M.; Fortea J.; Foroud T.M.; Fostinelli S.; Fox N.C.; Franco-Macías E.; Bullido M.J.; Frank-García A.; Froelich L.; Fulton-Howard B.; Galimberti D.; García-Alberca J.M.; García-González P.; Garcia-Madrona S.; Garcia-Ribas G.; Ghidoni R.; Giegling I.; Giorgio G.; Goate A.M.; Goldhardt O.; Gomez-Fonseca D.; González-Pérez A.; Graff C.; Grande G.; Green E.; Grimmer T.; Grünblatt E.; Grunin M.; Gudnason V.; Guetta-Baranes T.; Haapasalo A.; Hadjigeorgiou G.; Haines J.L.; Hamilton-Nelson K.L.; Hampel H.; Hanon O.; Hardy J.; Hartmann A.M.; Hausner L.; Harwood J.; Heilmann-Heimbach S.; Helisalmi S.; Heneka M.T.; Hernández I.; Herrmann M.J.; Hoffmann P.; Holmes C.; Holstege H.; Vilas R.H.; Hulsman M.; Humphrey J.; Biessels G.J.; Jian X.; Johansson C.; Jun G.R.; Kastumata Y.; Kauwe J.; Kehoe P.G.; Kilander L.; Ståhlbom A.K.; Kivipelto M.; Koivisto A.; Kornhuber J.; Kosmidis M.H.; Kukull W.A.; Kuksa P.P.; Kunkle B.W.; Kuzma A.B.; Lage C.; Laukka E.J.; Launer L.; Lauria A.; Lee C.-Y.; Lehtisalo J.; Lerch O.; Lleó A.; Longstreth W.; Jr; Lopez O.; de Munain A.L.; Love S.; Löwemark M.; Luckcuck L.; Lunetta K.L.; Ma Y.; Macías J.; MacLeod C.A.; Maier W.; Mangialasche F.; Spallazzi M.; Marquié M.; Marshall R.; Martin E.R.; Montes A.M.; Rodríguez C.M.; Masullo C.; Mayeux R.; Mead S.; Mecocci P.; Medina M.; Meggy A.; Mehrabian S.; Mendoza S.; Menéndez-González M.; Mir P.; Moebus S.; Mol M.; Molina-Porcel L.; Montrreal L.; Morelli L.; Moreno F.; Morgan K.; Mosley T.; Nöthen M.M.; Muchnik C.; Mukherjee S.; Nacmias B.; Ngandu T.; Nicolas G.; Nordestgaard B.G.; Olaso R.; Orellana A.; Orsini M.; Ortega G.; Padovani A.; Paolo C.; Papenberg G.; Parnetti L.; Pasquier F.; Pastor P.; Peloso G.; Pérez-Cordón A.; Pérez-Tur J.; Pericard P.; Peters O.; Pijnenburg Y.A.L.; Pineda J.A.; Piñol-Ripoll G.; Pisanu C.; Polak T.; Popp J.; Posthuma D.; Priller J.; Puerta R.; Quenez O.; Quintela I.; Thomassen J.Q.; Rábano A.; Rainero I.; Rajabli F.; Ramakers I.; Real L.M.; Reinders M.J.T.; Reitz C.; Reyes-Dumeyer D.; Ridge P.; Riedel-Heller S.; Riederer P.; Roberto N.; Rodriguez-Rodriguez E.; Rongve A.; Allende I.R.; Rosende-Roca M.; Royo J.L.; Rubino E.; Rujescu D.; Sáez M.E.; Sakka P.; Saltvedt I.; Sanabria Á.; Sánchez-Arjona M.B.; Sanchez-Garcia F.; Juan P.S.; Sánchez-Valle R.; Sando S.B.; Sarnowski C.; Satizabal C.L.; Scamosci M.; Scarmeas N.; Scarpini E.; Scheltens P.; Scherbaum N.; Scherer M.; Schmid M.; Schneider A.; Schott J.M.; Selbæk G.; Seripa D.; Serrano M.; Sha J.; Shadrin A.A.; Skrobot O.; Slifer S.; Snijders G.J.L.; Soininen H.; Solfrizzi V.; Solomon A.; Song Y.; Sorbi S.; Sotolongo-Grau O.; Spalletta G.; Spottke A.; Squassina A.; Stordal E.; Tartan J.P.; Tárraga L.; Tesí N.; Thalamuthu A.; Thomas T.; Tosto G.; Traykov L.; Tremolizzo L.; Tybjærg-Hansen A.; Uitterlinden A.; Ullgren A.; Ulstein I.; Valero S.; Valladares O.; Broeckhoven C.V.; Vance J.; Vardarajan B.N.; van der Lugt A.; Dongen J.V.; van Rooij J.; van Swieten J.; Vandenberghe R.; Verhey F.; Vidal J.-S.; Vogelgsang J.; Vyhnalek M.; Wagner M.; Wallon D.; Wang L.-S.; Wang R.; Weinhold L.; Wiltfang J.; Windle G.; Woods B.; Yannakoulia M.; Zare H.; Zhao Y.; Zhang X.; Zhu C.; Zulaica M.; Laczo J.; Matoska V.; Serpente M.; Assogna F.; Piras F.; Piras F.; Ciullo V.; Shofany J.; Ferrarese C.; Andreoni S.; Sala G.; Zoia C.P.; Zompo M.D.; Benussi A.; Bastiani P.; Takalo M.; Natunen T.; Laatikainen T.; Tuomilehto J.; Antikainen R.; Strandberg T.; Lindström J.; Peltonen M.; Abraham R.; Al-Chalabi A.; Bass N.J.; Brayne C.; Brown K.S.; Collinge J.; Craig D.; Deloukas P.; Fox N.; Gerrish A.; Gill M.; Gwilliam R.; Harold D.; Hollingworth P.; Johnston J.A.; Jones L.; Lawlor B.; Livingston G.; Lovestone S.; Lupton M.; Lynch A.; Mann D.; McGuinness B.; McQuillin A.; O’Donovan M.C.; Owen M.J.; Passmore P.; Powell J.F.; Proitsi P.; Rossor M.; Shaw C.E.; Smith A.D.; Gurling H.; Todd S.; Mummery C.; Ryan N.; Lacidogna G.; Adarmes-Gómez A.; Mauleón A.; Pancho A.; Gailhajenet A.; Lafuente A.; Macias-García D.; Martín E.; Pelejà E.; Carrillo F.; Merlín I.S.; Garrote-Espina L.; Vargas L.; Carrion-Claro M.; Marín M.; Labrador M.; Buendia M.; Alonso M.D.; Guitart M.; Moreno M.; Ibarria M.; Periñán M.; Aguilera N.; Gómez-Garre P.; Cañabate P.; Escuela R.; Pineda-Sánchez R.; Vigo-Ortega R.; Jesús S.; Preckler S.; Rodrigo-Herrero S.; Diego S.; Vacca A.; Roveta F.; Salvadori N.; Chipi E.; Boecker H.; Laske C.; Perneczky R.; Anastasiou C.; Janowitz D.; Malik R.; Anastasiou A.; Parveen K.; Lage C.; López-García S.; Antonell A.; Mihova K.Y.; Belezhanska D.; Weber H.; Kochen S.; Solis P.; Medel N.; Lisso J.; Sevillano Z.; Politis D.G.; Cores V.; Cuesta C.; Ortiz C.; Bacha J.I.; Rios M.; Saenz A.; Abalos M.S.; Kohler E.; Palacio D.L.; Etchepareborda I.; Kohler M.; Novack G.; Prestia F.A.; Galeano P.; Castaño E.M.; Germani S.; Toso C.R.; Rojo M.; Ingino C.; Mangone C.; Rubinsztein D.C.; Teipel S.; Fievet N.; Deramerourt V.; Forsell C.; Thonberg H.; Bjerke M.; Roeck E.D.; Martínez-Larrad M.T.; Olivar N.; Aguilera N.; Cano A.; Cañabate P.; Macias J.; Maroñas O.; Nuñez-Llaves R.; Olivé C.; Pelejá E.; Adarmes-Gómez A.D.; Alonso M.D.; Amer-Ferrer G.; Antequera M.; Burguera J.A.; Carrillo F.; Carrión-Claro M.; Casajeros M.J.; Martinez de Pancorbo M.; Escuela R.; Garrote-Espina L.; Gómez-Garre P.; Hevilla S.; Jesús S.; Espinosa M.A.L.; Legaz A.; López-García S.; Macias-García D.; Manzanares S.; Marín M.; Marín-Muñoz J.; Marín T.; Martínez B.; Martínez V.; Martínez-Lage Álvarez P.; Iriarte M.M.; Periñán-Tocino M.T.; Pineda-Sánchez R.; Real de Asúa D.; Rodrigo S.; Sastre I.; Vicente M.P.; Vigo-Ortega R.; Vivancos L.; Epelbaum J.; Hannequin D.; campion D.; Deramecourt V.; Tzourio C.; Brice A.; Dubois B.; Williams A.; Thomas C.; Davies C.; Nash W.; Dowzell K.; Morales A.C.; Bernardo-Harrington M.; Turton J.; Lord J.; Brown K.; Vardy E.; Fisher E.; Warren J.D.; Rossor M.; Ryan N.S.; Guerreiro R.; Uphill J.; Bass N.; Heun R.; Kölsch H.; Schürmann B.; Lacour A.; Herold C.; Johnston J.A.; Passmore P.; Powell J.; Patel Y.; Hodges A.; Becker T.; Warden D.; Wilcock G.; Clarke R.; Deloukas P.; Ben-Shlomo Y.; Hooper N.M.; Pickering-Brown S.; Sussams R.; Warner N.; Bayer A.; Heuser I.; Drichel D.; Klopp N.; Mayhaus M.; Riemenschneider M.; Pinchler S.; Feulner T.; Gu W.; van den Bussche H.; Hüll M.; Frölich L.; Wichmann H.-E.; Jöckel K.-H.; O’Donovan M.; Owen M.; Bahrami S.; Bosnes I.; Selnes P.; Bergh S.; Palotie A.; Daly M.; Jacob H.; Matakidou A.; Runz H.; John S.; Plenge R.; McCarthy M.; Hunkapiller J.; Ehm M.; Waterworth D.; Fox C.; Malarstig A.; Klinger K.; Call K.; Behrens T.; Loerch P.; Mäkelä T.; Kaprio J.; Virolainen P.; Pulkki K.; Kilpi T.; Perola M.; Partanen J.; Pitkäranta A.; Kaarteenaho R.; Vainio S.; Turpeinen M.; Serpi R.; Laitinen T.; Mäkelä J.; Kosma V.-M.; Kujala U.; Tuovila O.; Hendolin M.; Pakkanen R.; Waring J.; Riley-Gillis B.; Liu J.; Biswas S.; Diogo D.; Marshall C.; Hu X.; Gossel M.; Graham R.; Cummings B.; Ripatti S.; Schleutker J.; Arvas M.; Carpén O.; Hinttala R.; Kettunen J.; Mannermaa A.; Laukkanen J.; Julkunen V.; Remes A.; Kälviäinen R.; Peltola J.; Tienari P.; Rinne J.; Ziemann A.; Waring J.; Esmaeeli S.; Smaoui N.; Lehtonen A.; Eaton S.; Lahdenperä S.; van Adelsberg J.; Michon J.; Kerchner G.; Bowers N.; Teng E.; Eicher J.; Mehta V.; Gormley P.; Linden K.; Whelan C.; Xu F.; Pulford D.; Färkkilä M.; Pikkarainen S.; Jussila A.; Blomster T.; Kiviniemi M.; Voutilainen M.; Georgantas B.; Heap G.; Rahimov F.; Usiskin K.; Lu T.; Oh D.; Kalpala K.; Miller M.; McCarthy L.; Eklund K.; Palomäki A.; Isomäki P.; Pirilä L.; Kaipiainen-Seppänen O.; Huhtakangas J.; Lertratanakul A.; Hochfeld M.; Bing N.; Gordillo J.E.; Mars N.; Pelkonen M.; Kauppi P.; Kankaanranta H.; Harju T.; Close D.; Greenberg S.; Chen H.; Betts J.; Ghosh S.; Salomaa V.; Niiranen T.; Juonala M.; Metsärinne K.; Kähönen M.; Junttila J.; Laakso M.; Pihlajamäki J.; Sinisalo J.; Taskinen M.-R.; Tuomi T.; Challis B.; Peterson A.; Chu A.; Parkkinen J.; Muslin A.; Joensuu H.; Meretoja T.; Aaltonen L.; Mattson J.; Auranen A.; Karihtala P.; Kauppila S.; Auvinen P.; Elenius K.; Popovic R.; Schutzman J.; Loboda A.; Chhibber A.; Lehtonen H.; McDonough S.; Crohns M.; Kulkarni D.; Kaarniranta K.; Turunen J.A.; Ollila T.; Seitsonen S.; Uusitalo H.; Aaltonen V.; Uusitalo-Järvinen H.; Luodonpää M.; Hautala N.; Loomis S.; Strauss E.; Chen H.; Podgornaia A.; Hoffman J.; Tasanen K.; Huilaja L.; Hannula-Jouppi K.; Salmi T.; Peltonen S.; Koulu L.; Harvima I.; Wu Y.; Choy D.; Pussinen P.; Salminen A.; Salo T.; Rice D.; Nieminen P.; Palotie U.; Siponen M.; Suominen L.; Mäntylä P.; Gursoy U.; Anttonen V.; Sipilä K.; Davis J.W.; Quarless D.; Petrovski S.; Wigmore E.; Chen C.-Y.; Bronson P.; Tsai E.; Huang Y.; Maranville J.; Shaikho E.; Mohammed E.; Wadhawan S.; Kvikstad E.; Caliskan M.; Chang D.; Bhangale T.; Pendergrass S.; Holzinger E.; Chen X.; Hedman Å.; King K.S.; Wang C.; Xu E.; Auge F.; Chatelain C.; Rajpal D.; Liu D.; Call K.; Xia T.-H.; Brauer M.; Kurki M.; Karjalainen J.; Havulinna A.; Jalanko A.; Palta P.; della Briotta Parolo P.; Zhou W.; Lemmelä S.; Rivas M.; Harju J.; Lehisto A.; Ganna A.; Llorens V.; Laivuori H.; Rüeger S.; Niemi M.E.; Tukiainen T.; Reeve M.P.; Heyne H.; Palin K.; Garcia-Tabuenca J.; Siirtola H.; Kiiskinen T.; Lee J.; Tsuo K.; Elliott A.; Kristiansson K.; Hyvärinen K.; Ritari J.; Koskinen M.; Pylkäs K.; Kalaoja M.; Karjalainen M.; Mantere T.; Kangasniemi E.; Heikkinen S.; Laakkonen E.; Sipeky C.; Heron S.; Karlsson A.; Jambulingam D.; Rathinakannan V.S.; Kajanne R.; Aavikko M.; Jiménez M.G.; della Briotta Parola P.; Lehistö A.; Kanai M.; Kaunisto M.; Kilpeläinen E.; Sipilä T.P.; Brein G.; Awaisa G.; Shcherban A.; Donner K.; Loukola A.; Laiho P.; Sistonen T.; Kaiharju E.; Laukkanen M.; Järvensivu E.; Lähteenmäki S.; Männikkö L.; Wong R.; Mattsson H.; Hiekkalinna T.; Paajanen T.; Pärn K.; Gracia-Tabuenca J.; Abner E.; Adams P.M.; Aguirre A.; Albert M.S.; Albin R.L.; Allen M.; Alvarez L.; Apostolova L.G.; Arnold S.E.; Asthana S.; Atwood C.S.; Ayres G.; Baldwin C.T.; Barber R.C.; Barnes L.L.; Barral S.; Beach T.G.; Becker J.T.; Beecham G.W.; Beekly D.; Below J.E.; Benchek P.; Benitez B.A.; Bennett D.; Bertelson J.; Margaret F.E.; Bird T.D.; Blacker D.; Boeve B.F.; Bowen J.D.; Boxer A.; Brewer J.; Burke J.R.; Burns J.M.; Bush W.S.; Buxbaum J.D.; Cairns N.J.; Cao C.; Carlson C.S.; Carlsson C.M.; Carney R.M.; Carrasquillo M.M.; Chasse S.; Chesselet M.-F.; Chesi A.; Chin N.A.; Chui H.C.; Chung J.; Craft S.; Crane P.K.; Cribbs D.H.; Crocco E.A.; Cruchaga C.; Cullum M.; Darby E.; Davis B.; De Jager P.L.; DeCarli C.; DeToledo J.; Dick M.; Dickson D.W.; Dombroski B.A.; Doody R.S.; Duara R.; Ertekin-Taner N.; Evans D.A.; Fairchild T.J.; Fallon K.B.; Farlow M.R.; Farrell J.J.; Fernandez-Hernandez V.; Ferris S.; Frosch M.P.; Fulton-Howard B.; Galasko D.R.; Gamboa A.; Gearing M.; Geschwind D.H.; Ghetti B.; Gilbert J.R.; Grabowski T.J.; Graff-Radford N.R.; Grant S.F.A.; Green R.C.; Growdon J.H.; Haines J.L.; Hakonarson H.; Hall J.; Hamilton R.L.; Harari O.; Harrell L.E.; Haut J.; Head E.; Henderson V.W.; Hernandez M.; Hohman T.; Honig L.S.; Huebinger R.M.; Huentelman M.J.; Hulette C.M.; Hyman B.T.; Hynan L.S.; Ibanez L.; Jarvik G.P.; Jayadev S.; Jin L.-W.; Johnson K.; Johnson L.; Kamboh M.I.; Karydas A.M.; Katz M.J.; Kaye J.A.; Keene C.D.; Khaleeq A.; Kim R.; Knebl J.; Kowall N.W.; Kramer J.H.; Kuksa P.P.; LaFerla F.M.; Lah J.J.; Larson E.B.; Lee C.-Y.; Lee E.B.; Lerner A.; Leung Y.Y.; Leverenz J.B.; Levey A.I.; Li M.; Lieberman A.P.; Lipton R.B.; Logue M.; Lyketsos C.G.; Malamon J.; Mains D.; Marson D.C.; Martiniuk F.; Mash D.C.; Masliah E.; Massman P.; Masurkar A.; McCormick W.C.; McCurry S.M.; McDavid A.N.; McDonough S.; McKee A.C.; Mesulam M.; Mez J.; Miller B.L.; Miller C.A.; Miller J.W.; Montine T.J.; Monuki E.S.; Morris J.C.; Myers A.J.; Nguyen T.; O’Bryant S.; Olichney J.M.; Ory M.; Palmer R.; Parisi J.E.; Paulson H.L.; Pavlik V.; Paydarfar D.; Perez V.; Peskind E.; Petersen R.C.; Phillips-Cremins J.E.; Pierce A.; Polk M.; Poon W.W.; Potter H.; Qu L.; Quiceno M.; Quinn J.F.; Raj A.; Raskind M.; Reiman E.M.; Reisberg B.; Reisch J.S.; Ringman J.M.; Roberson E.D.; Rodriguear M.; Rogaeva E.; Rosen H.J.; Rosenberg R.N.; Royall D.R.; Sager M.A.; Sano M.; Saykin A.J.; Schneider J.A.; Schneider L.S.; Seeley W.W.; Slifer S.H.; Small S.; Smith A.G.; Smith J.P.; Song Y.E.; Sonnen J.A.; Spina S.; George-Hyslop P.S.; 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    Characterization of the genetic landscape of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and related dementias (ADD) provides a unique opportunity for a better understanding of the associated pathophysiological processes. We performed a ...
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    Recovery Strategies in Endurance Athletes 

    Braun-Trocchio R.; Graybeal A.J.; Kreutzer A.; Warfield E.; Renteria J.; Harrison K.; Williams A.; Moss K.; Shah M. (2022)
    In order to achieve optimal performance, endurance athletes need to implement a variety of recovery strategies that are specific to their training and competition. Recovery is a multidimensional process involving physiological, ...

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