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dc.descriptionphotos encircling the main building
dc.format.medium7 x 10 sepia
dc.relationTCU Photograph Collection/People (RU 53)
dc.rightsPrior written permission from TCU Special Collections required to use any photograph.
dc.sourcePhoto Number: 2100
dc.subjectAddRan Christian University
dc.subjectThorp Spring, TX
dc.subjectClark, Addison, Sr.
dc.subjectLowber, James W.
dc.subjectParks, William B.
dc.subjectClark, Randolph
dc.subjectHoward, C. W.
dc.subjectEasley, A. C.
dc.subjectHolloway, Robert F.
dc.subjectParks, Mattie Wade (Mrs. William B.)
dc.subjectParker, Bettie
dc.subjectSnow, Dessie Pickens (Mrs. E. C.)
dc.subjectCayce, Sallie
dc.subjectHoward, Nellie
dc.subjectWideman, Mary E. Bush
dc.titleAdd-Ran Christian University faculty
dc.format.dimensions924px x 1201px
dc.format.resolution200ppi x 200ppi

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