The Oscar E. Monnig Meteorite Collection was donated to Texas Christian University (TCU) over a period of 8 years, from 1978 to 1986. Prior to its transfer, the entire collection was cataloged by Mr. Glenn Huss of the American Meteorite Laboratory, Denver, Colorado. It was subsequently curated by Dr. Arthur Ehlmann, an Emeritus Professor in the Geology Department at TCU. When Oscar Monnig died in 1999, a considerable amount of funding was given to the Geology Department at TCU from his estate with the purpose of maintaining the collection. On Saturday, February 1, 2003, the Oscar Monnig Meteorite Gallery was opened for the public.

NOTE: TCU Special Collections only holds the Records of the Monnig Meteorite Gallery, the papers related to the acquisition of the meteorites. The actual meteorites are held by the Monnig Meteorite Gallery.

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    Records of the Monnig Meteorite Gallery [2366]

    The files are arranged alphabetically, usually according to the location of discovery of the meteorite. The files contain correspondence and research material on the meteorites in the collection.

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