In this momentous occasion, we proudly present the TCU McNair Scholars Research Journal, a culmination of dedicated efforts by McNair Scholars and their esteemed faculty mentors. As we transition from the traditional TCU McNair Anthology to this inaugural research journal, it is a privilege to introduce letters from two pivotal figures who have played instrumental roles in shaping the undergraduate scholarly landscape at Texas Christian University. Dr. LaTrina Parker Hall, the Director of the TCU Ronald E. McNair Post Baccalaureate Achievement Program and Adjunct Faculty in the Department of Higher Education and Leadership, shares insights into the transformative journey of the McNair Scholars, highlighting their commitment to academic excellence and diversity in higher education. Complementing this perspective, Dr. Frank Hernandez, the Dean of the College of Education, articulates TCU's overarching commitment to research, emphasizing the significance of undergraduate research in nurturing a community of scholars. Together, these letters set the stage for an exploration of the exceptional research contributions by our McNair Scholars, marking a significant chapter in the advancement of undergraduate scholarship at TCU.

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