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dc.formatPDF, 600dpi
dc.relationLove Family Letters (MS 001)
dc.rightsPrior written permission from TCU Special Collections required to use any photograph.
dc.sourceBox 001, Unnumbered
dc.subjectCivil War
dc.titleLetter from Unsigned to Frank White
dc.description.transcription(One side, single page. Yellow, stamped envelope included. Address “Mr. Frank White, New Paris, Ohio”) New Paris Ohio Feb 17th 18[..]2 To Frank I know not how I loved thee-no: I know it not till all was […] – Untill thy lips had told me so, Had told me I must love no more. I knew not how I loved thee: yet I long had loved thee wildly well I thought it was easy to forget I thought a word would break the spell And even when that word was spoke n Ay: even till the very last I thought that spell of faith once broken I could not long lament the past O foolish heart: O feeble brain That love could this deceive subdue: Since hope cannot revive again Why cannot memory parish too As yours Answer soon Good bye

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  • Love Family Letters [84]
    The Love brothers - Cyrus, Samuel, James and John - fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War. The collection contains letters written by the family during the war.

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