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dc.creatorGassen, Jeffrey
dc.creatorProkosch, Marjorie L.
dc.creatorEimerbrink, Micah J.
dc.creatorLeyva, Randi P. Proffitt
dc.creatorWhite, Jordon D.
dc.creatorPeterman, Julia L.
dc.creatorBurgess, Adam
dc.creatorCheek, Dennis J.
dc.creatorKreutzer, Andreas
dc.creatorNicolas, Sylis C.
dc.creatorBoehm, Gary W.
dc.creatorHill, Sarah E.
dc.description.abstractHere, we propose a novel theoretical model linking present-focused decision-making to the activities of the immune system. We tested our model by examining the relationship between inflammatory activity - in vivo and in vitro - and decision-making characterized by impulsivity, present focus, and an inability to delay gratification. Results support our model, revealing that inflammation predicts these outcomes even after controlling for factors that may contribute to a spurious linkage between them. Moreover, subsequent analyses revealed that our model was a better fit for the data than alternative models using present-focused decision-making and its health-harming behavioural sequelae (e.g., smoking, risky sexual behaviour) to predict inflammation, lending support for the proposed directionality of this relationship. Together, these results suggest that inflammation may contribute to decision-making patterns that can result in undesirable personal and societal outcomes.en_US
dc.publisherNature Publishing Group
dc.sourceScientific Reports
dc.subjectHuman behaviouren_US
dc.subjectSocial behaviouren_US
dc.titleInflammation Predicts Decision-Making Characterized by Impulsivity, Present Focus, and an Inability to Delay Gratificationen_US
dc.rights.holderGassen et al.
dc.rights.licenseCC BY 4.0
local.collegeCollege of Science and Engineering
local.collegeHarris College of Nursing and Health Sciences
local.departmentNurse Anesthesia
local.personsGassen, Prokosch, Eimerbrink, Proffitt Levya, White, Peterman, Burgess, Nicolas, Boehm, Hill (PSYC); Cheek (NURS); Cheek (NRAN); Kreutzer (KINE)

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