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dc.creatorJ., Monlezun, Dominique
dc.creatorLyn, Dart,
dc.creatorAnne, Vanbeber,
dc.creatorPeggy, Smith-Barbaro,
dc.creatorVanessa, Costilla,
dc.creatorCharlotte, Samuel,
dc.creatorA., Terregino, Carol
dc.creatorErcikan, Abali, Emine
dc.creatorBeth, Dollinger,
dc.creatorNicole, Baumgartner,
dc.creatorNicholas, Kramer,
dc.creatorAlex, Seelochan,
dc.creatorSabira, Taher,
dc.creatorMark, Deutchman,
dc.creatorMeredith, Evans,
dc.creatorB., Ellis, Robert
dc.creatorSonia, Oyola,
dc.creatorGeeta, Maker-Clark,
dc.creatorTomi, Dreibelbis,
dc.creatorIsadore, Budnick,
dc.creatorDavid, Tran,
dc.creatorNicole, DeValle,
dc.creatorRachel, Shepard,
dc.creatorErika, Chow,
dc.creatorChristine, Petrin,
dc.creatorAlexander, Razavi,
dc.creatorCasey, McGowan,
dc.creatorAustin, Grant,
dc.creatorMackenzie, Bird,
dc.creatorConnor, Carry,
dc.creatorGlynis, McGowan,
dc.creatorColleen, McCullough,
dc.creatorM., Berman, Casey
dc.creatorKerri, Dotson,
dc.creatorTianhua, Niu,
dc.creatorLeah, Sarris,
dc.creatorS., Harlan, Timothy
dc.creatorCHOP, Co-investigators, on behalf of the
dc.sourceBioMed Research International
dc.titleMachine Learning-Augmented Propensity Score-Adjusted Multilevel Mixed Effects Panel Analysis of Hands-On Cooking and Nutrition Education versus Traditional Curriculum for Medical Students as Preventive Cardiology: Multisite Cohort Study of 3,248 Trainees over 5 Years
dc.rights.holderJ. et al.
dc.rights.licenseCreative Commons Attribution License

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