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dc.creatorRice, Quinton
dc.creatorRaut, Sangram
dc.creatorChib, Raul
dc.creatorGryczynski, Zygmunt
dc.creatorGryczynski, Ignacy
dc.creatorWang, Andrew
dc.creatorYu, William Y.
dc.creatorTabibi, Bagher
dc.creatorSeo, Felix Jaetae
dc.description.abstractThe broadband photoluminescence (PL) emissions from CdSe QDs and plasmon-coupled QDs were characterized with time-resolved and temperature-dependent spectroscopy for the application of solid-state white light. The origin of broad spectral emission includes the transitions from bandedge and surface-trapped states. The emission intensity enhancement of plasmon-coupled QDs with respect to that of bare QDs is attributable to the reduction of nonradiative decay and the local field enhancement with plasmon-exciton coupling through the Coulomb interaction. The temperature-dependent and time-resolved PL spectroscopy revealed the existence of selective contribution strength of both the local field enhancement and the reduction of nonradiative decay with plasmon-exciton coupling at different spectral regions.
dc.publisherTech Reviews Ltd
dc.sourceJournal of Materials and Applications
dc.subjectTime-resolved spectroscopy
dc.subjectPlasmon-coupled quantum dots
dc.titleTime-resolved and Temperature-dependent Broadband Emission of Plasmon-coupled Quantum Dots
dc.rights.holderRice et al
dc.rights.licenseCC BY 4.0
local.collegeCollege of Science and Engineering
local.departmentPhysics and Astronomy
local.personsGryczynski, Z (PHYS)

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