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dc.creatorPankratz, Hannah G.
dc.creatorSultan, Mohamed
dc.creatorAbdelmohsen, Karem
dc.creatorSauck, William A.
dc.creatorAlsefry, Saleh
dc.creatorAlharbi, Hassan
dc.creatorEmil, Mustafa K.
dc.creatorGebremichael, Esayas
dc.creatorAsaeidi, Ali
dc.creatorAlshehri, Fahad
dc.creatorHashim, Hisham, I
dc.creatorAl-Shamrani, Haitham A.
dc.creatorEl-Sahly, Mubark
dc.description.abstractUsing integrated Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) datasets (Envisat: 2003-2009; Sentinel-1: 2014-2018), local gravity surveys, and passive seismic data, we investigated the environmental hazards associated with the rise of the Miocene Jazan salt diapir (JZD; ~ 2 km(2)) within Jazan city, Saudi Arabia, and identified areas at risk in its immediate surroundings. Our findings include (1) the JZD outcrop and its northern, southern and western bordering areas have been undergoing substantial uplift (up to 4.7 mm/yr), whereas the sabkhas to the east are witnessing subsidence (up to - 7.5 mm/yr); (2) a low Bouguer anomaly (7.5 mGal) was observed over the JZD relative to its surroundings (8.5-12 mGal) with the steepest gradient along its eastern side; (3) strong and clear horizontal/vertical (H/V) spectral ratio peak and high frequency (5-10 Hz) over the JZD outcrop and areas proximal to its western margin, but areas to the east have a weak H/V peak and low frequency (1.5-3 Hz); (4) drilling confirmed presence of a shallow (4 m) salt bedrock layer west of the JZD and the absence of this layer to its east (up to depths of 60 m); (5) uplift patterns along the diapir margins are indicative of near-vertical contact along the JZD eastern margin and less steep contacts along the remaining margins; and (6) additional near-surface diapirs could potentially be identified in the vicinity of the JZD using our integrated approach.en_US
dc.sourceSurveys in Geophysics
dc.subjectPassive seismicen_US
dc.subjectRadar interferometryen_US
dc.subjectSalt diapirsen_US
dc.subjectLand deformationen_US
dc.subjectSaudi Arabiaen_US
dc.subjectJazan cityen_US
dc.titleUse of Geophysical and Radar Interferometric Techniques to Monitor Land Deformation Associated with the Jazan Salt Diapir, Jazan city, Saudi Arabiaen_US
dc.rights.holder2021 Authors
dc.rights.licenseCC BY 4.0
local.collegeCollege of Science and Engineering
local.departmentGeological Sciences
local.personsGebremichael (GEOL)

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