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dc.creatorHiggins, Kristina
dc.creatorCrawford, Lindy
dc.creatorSilvestri, Kelly
dc.description.abstractPaper presents research on the perception of technology use including dimensions of computer self-efficacy, motivation, and independence of use of electronic support tools of students with learning difficulties in the context of an online mathematics curriculum. While all students showed improvement over the course of the program, some students showed more success with technology-based learning than others. Students with stronger academic profiles when beginning the curriculum were more likely to have higher levels of computer self-efficacy. The themes that emerged from the current study reflect motivation and fun, efficiency, and a diversity of learning strategies and support tools available. The themes of motivation and independence are also reflected in electronic support tool use. This indicates that students with different motivating or independently themed factors use the program in different ways by tailoring the electronic support tools to their individual needs.en_US
dc.publisherSiauliai Univ & Open Int Univ Human Dev Ukraine
dc.sourceSoc. Welf. Interdiscip. Approach
dc.subjecton-line mathematics curriculumen_US
dc.subjectstudents with learning difficultiesen_US
dc.titleStudent Perceptions Of An Online Mathematics Curriculum Designed For Students With Learning Difficultiesen_US
dc.rights.holder2016 Siauliai University
dc.rights.licenseCC BY 4.0
local.collegeCollege of Education
local.personsCrawford (EDUC)

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